Symbiotic business relationship between Samsung and Apple is too important

The symbiotic business relationship between Samsung and Apple is too important for either to put at risk as said by the experts and analysts. Apple wants Samsung to make the iPhone and iPad as they can’t make these products. Samsung is the sole supplier of Apple’s processing chips and without Samsung, Samsung might be taking into account lots of options to show its components business’ importance and put pressure on Apple, and Apple is also well aware of this. Samsung wanted to decide the patent clash with Apple keeping in mind all these things which Apple first brought up soon after Samsung launched its first Galaxy model in 2010. They want to settle it through conciliation rather than in the courtroom.

In an internal memo sent to employees and released to the media on Monday Samsung has declared that they primarily planned to discuss with Apple in place of going to court, as Apple had been one of their most important customers.

Though, Apple pushed on with a lawsuit, and Samsung had little choice but to counter sue. Although Samsung was found to have imitated original features of the iPhone and iPad, Samsung lawyers emphasized that its own inventive components and wireless technology patents, made Apple’s products a reality. Which the US jury ruled that Apple did not breach.

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