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Apple iPhone 7 & 7 Plus


Apple’s fresh plan of bringing out an iPhablet that contains all the best bits of the smaller new iPhone has been a strong one – but this year, the iPhone 7 Plus is a phone that’s markedly improved than the smaller model. That’s mostly achieved through binary things: improved battery …

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Samsung Galaxy S7 or Apple iPhone 6s

samsung or iphone

iPhone 6s and the new Galaxy S7 face-to-face The epic battle between Samsung and Apple is still on. The current drops in sales have shown, customers aren’t upgrading as rapidly as they used to. Most people have now settled on their mobile platform of choice and are sticking with it …

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Six exciting reasons of Samsung Galaxy Note 6


Samsung Galaxy Note 6 is becoming  EPIC. good news for long-standing fans of the phablet line, as last year Samsung indeed did not bring the Galaxy Note 5 to the UK. In its place it strapped the Galaxy S6 EDGE+ which is a better, more costly form of the Galaxy …

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Sony Xperia X review


The Sony Xperia X is a snooping device. I say snooping because I don’t really know what kind of phone it is. I could look at the CPU used, the display size and resolution and the intended market – but based on what Sony’s telling me, the first two opinions …

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Lumia phones with Stylish wood surface

lumia wood 2

Remember back when Windows smartphones really looked fun? Back in the days of Nokia Lumia models, bright, vibrant polycarbonate phones helped Windows Phone actually stand out. And while the Microsoft Lumias of nowadays may be a bit more subdued in their fashioning decisions, users looking for a burst of color …

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Apple iPhone 7 Specs, Design and Release Date

iphone 7

Apple will announcement the new line of iPhone handsets in autumn, and the new iPhone 7 comes packed with better features. The corporation is supposed to stick to two screen sizes for the future line, so fans of the iOS will get a 4.7-inch and a 5.5-inch handset in the …

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IPhone SE

iphone se4

Smartphones have been getting larger and larger; this makes it easy to forget that not everyone wants a 5.5in or 6in monster. Such giant phones can be awkward and painfully painful to use, especially single-handed, if you have small hands. All this makes the coming of the 4in iPhone SE …

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Bendable Samsung Galaxy X will be presented in 2017

Folding Samsung

Recent moving rumors have come to surface concerning the Samsung Galaxy X for instance, it’s foldable model is around to come in 2017. The world’s major smartphone producer is going to launch five star smartphones in 2017, as per the speculations. As Samsung has been typical of discharging two flagship …

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iPhone 7 Plus: Upcoming News


The iPhone 7 is one of the most willingly expected phones of the year, but alongside it Apple is definite to promotion an iPhone 7 Plus or iPhone 7 Pro as it might be called. The display will be larger than on the normal iPhone, that much is certain, but …

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