The Sony PlayStation 5


The Sony PlayStation 5   The console market is in a strange place right now, and this has big allegations for what form the PS5 might end up taking. A lot of this has to do with Sony’s declaration of the PS4 Pro, a mid-generation console upgrade that’s extended the …

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Mini release date

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    The re-occurrence of smaller screens Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus are two of the top phones in best phone of the year list, but if you want a small screen there isn’t presently a high-end option from the producer. New Galaxy S8 Mini reports are beginning to …

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MERCEDES-BENZ X-CLASS: The automaker exhibited off two markedly different X-Class concepts in 2016, but both are likely to be borne into the same X-Class description, using embellishments to detach a more comfortable truck from one that might be a bit more adept. There’s still no warranty that the midsize X-Class …

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Double Storage in Samsung Galaxy Note 8


Double Storage in Samsung Galaxy Note 8 These statistics comes from a Samsung Electronics official, so it could well be true, but there are some doubts about it because Samsung does not have a habit of offering multiple storage sizes in its recent flagships. The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus was …

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LG’s mini G6 is coming—- the LG Q6

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LG was working on the mini version of its flagship LG G6 phone – one that would cut the screen size from 5.7 inches to 5.4 inches, and keep the 18:9 aspect ratio – but we weren’t sure whether the project was still on or had been abandoned by LG. …

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 RELEASE DATE AND RUMORS About GOOGLE PIXEL 2 made by LG, which has not made a Google phone since the Nexus 5X. The next flagship phone(s) from Google probably will not come till late 2017, but its still unclear what Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL may have in …

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wireless charging: iPhone 8 in iOS 11


A novel sound: Android handsets are being wirelessly charged for years, but iPhones are so far caught with cables. Now in the iOS 11 beta recommends wireless charging could be on the way. The sound, revealed by MAKS+ and can be perceived in the video below, is categorised “engage_power.caf”, it …

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